Book_of_Abstracts 2014

(Lyon France)

HPTLC for Herbals

(Panel report Basel 2011)


We are enthusiastic to learn how many analysts are now confronted with situations where HPTLC is a suitable solution to their problems and is favored over better known and more widely used analytical methods. At the same time it is rather difficult nowadays to find a place for this “old technique” in the minds of opinion leaders, even if the need exists in analytical laboratories. This has arisen through inadequate information and training.
How to select the method; how to use HPTLC when it is described as a method of choice; avoidance of usual mistakes; which other samples may be well covered by this technique;… To address these issues an exchange of knowledge is foremost, from which sprang our motivation to hold again an international event with the Interlaken series spirit, last held in 1997.
After Lyon 2003, Berlin 2006, Helsinki 2008, and Basel 2011, the next International Symposium for High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography was organized on 02nd - 04th July 2014, in the Congress Center Lyon, France. This new major issue included a workshop, a symposium, and a manufacturers panel discussion.