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Video: GUIGNOL, Puppet show

Video: BERTHOD, TLC History


The scientific program will feature invited keynote speakers, selected submitted lectures, and poster presentations. Contributions are invited from all areas of high-performance thin-layer chromatography, but especially from colleagues working in the pharmaceutical, herbal, food, environmental, and medical fields. Papers on theory, method development, validation, instrumental methods, hyphenated techniques, and quantitative applications in all areas of chemistry would be most welcome.


Wednesday 2nd at University of Lyon

State-of-the-art of HPTLC applications
09:00 Practical Workshop
    Botanical fingerprints
    HPTLC-ESI-MS of chemicals
    Quantitative analysis of lipids in biological fluids
12:00 End  

Wednesday 2nd at Congress Center

Tutorials, Panel Discussion and Poster Session

12:00 Mounting of the poster presentations  
13:30 Welcome break  
14:00 Welcome by a representative of Lyon's city and opening  
14:15 Tutorials and Panel Discussion Poole POOLE, USA: An interphase model to explain retention in thin-layer chromatography
15:15   MORLOCK MORLOCK, Germany: HPTLC-bioassays for effect-directed analysis
16:15   SCHWACK SCHWACK, Germany: HPTLC hyphenations - potential for structure elucidation
17:15   Panel discussion on HPTLC research & development with all sponsors
18:30   BERTHOD BERTHOD, France: A thick layer of history for thin-layer chromatography (Welcome lecture on Lyon)
19:00   Poster Session 1 and Evening Welcome Cocktail
21:00 End  

Thursday 03rd at Congress Center

Oral and Poster Sessions

Session 1: Development chambers (Chair: Berthod)
09:00 BERTHOD, France, Opening and announcements
09:10 Çoksöyler COKSOYLER, Turkey, A new TLC technique and chamber
09:25 HALKA-GRYSINSKA HALKA-GRYSINSKA, Poland, A new semi-automatic device with horizontal developing chamber for gradient TLC
09:40 CEBOLLA CEBOLLA, Spain, A hyphenated technique based on AMD-FDIC-MS for separating and determining biomarkers of lysosomal storage diseases in human fluids
Session 2: Miniaturization (Chair: Poole)
OLESIK OLESIK, USA, UTLC: Possibly the Future of Analytical Separation Science
10:20   MORLOCK MORLOCK, Germany, Electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibers as miniaturized layer materials for UTLC
10:35   HCEBOLLA CUSHMAN, USA, Microfabricated TLC plates based carbon nanotube scaffolds infiltrated with SiO2 via atomic layer deposition
10:50   Coffee break
11:05   LINFORD LINFORD, USA, Fast, microfabricated, normal phase TLC plates based on carbon nanotube forest scaffolds
Session 3: Hyphenation with MS (Chair: Schwack)
SHIEA SHIEA, Taiwan, Detection of polar and nonpolar compounds on TLC plates using laser desorption/electrospray and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization/mass spectrometry (LD/ESI+APCI/MS)
12:05   CRAWFORD CRAWFORD, USA, Planar chromatography meets direct ambient mass spectrometry: current trends
12:20   GRIESINGER GRIESINGER, Germany, TLC-MS: elution- and desorption-based approaches to spatially resolved structure elucidation
12:35   DA SILVA DA SILVA, France, Analysis of flavonoids in plant extracts using HPTLC-MALDI-TOFMS: influence of MALDI parameters
13:00   Lunch and Poster session (60 min)
Session 3 continued: Hyphenation with MS (Chair: Shiea)
SCHWACK SCHWACK, Germany, Planar SPE coupled to flow injection TOF/MS analysis - a rapid pesticide screening tool
14:15   SCHULZ SCHULZ, Germany, Influence of TLC plate parameters on MS results by coupling TLC to MS
14:30   SPINA SPINA, France, A rapid identification of anthocyanins in various plants from Burkina Faso by HPTLC/MS
14:45   HAEBE HAEBE, Germany, Quantitative HPTLC surface analysis by DART-MS scanning
Session 4: Effect-directed detections (Chair: Choma)
MORICZ MORICZ, Hungary, HPTLC-bioassay-MS, a rapid tool to search and analyze bioactive plant products
15:15   DE-EKNAMKUL DE-EKNAMKUL, Thailand, A combination of TLC and a novel androgenic alopecia cell-based assay for screening reductase inhibitors in plants
15:30   SUN SUN, China, Directly bioprospecting of amicoumacin-producing strains and efficient discovery of new amicoumacins by HPTLC profile
15:45   MORICZ WEISS, Germany, Enhanced tests and evaluation procedures for the effect-directed analysis using HPTLC applied for aqueous environmental samples
16:00   Poster session 3 and coffee break (60 min)
Session 4 continued: Effect-directed detections (Chair: Moricz)
WEISS CHEN, Germany, HPTLC-bioluminescence screening for residues of antibiotics in food of animal origin
17:15   CHOMA CHOMA, Poland, The novel TLC-direct bioautography tests for analysis of antimicrobials
17:30   SCHOENBORN SCHOENBORN, Switzerland, Screening untreated drinking water on estrogenic activity using the planar-YES, a TLC-EDA tool
17:45   WEINS WEINS, Germany, The relevancy of effect directed analysis implementing the European Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC in the field of water policy
18:00   Poster session 4
19:00   Bus departure to Chateau de Janzé in Marcilly d'Azergues (in front of CCC entrance)
19:30   Symposium dinner and poster award ceremony at Chateau de Janzé
23:00 End  

Friday 04th at Congress Center

Oral and Poster Sessions

Session 5: Separation characteristics (Chair: Olesik)
DZIDO DZIDO, Poland, Orthogonal pressurized planar electrochromatography
09:15   MALINOWSKA MALINOWSKA, Poland, TLC in investigation of complex properties in solutes
09:30   STUDZINSKI STUDZINSKI, Poland, Retention changes of 1,2,4-triazole derivatives in RP-TLC and micellar TLC systems under the influence of external static magnetic field
09:45   ZARZYCKI ZARZYCKI, Poland, Practical approach for temperature-controlled TLC
Session 6: Analysis of food and feed (Chair: Linford)
BESSIN BESSIN, France, Streamlined analysis of sugars in chicory root juice: comparison of 2 chromatographic methods
10:15   VOVK VOVK, Slovenia,Planar chromatography and mass spectrometry in analysis of phytonutrients in the extracts of edible plants
10:30   SRIVASTAVA SRIVASTAVA, India, Development and Validation of HPTLC-MS Determination of Melamine in Milk
10:45   Coffee Break
10:50   AGATONOVIC-KUSTRIN AGATONOVIC-KUSTRIN, Australia, HPTLC quantification of phenolics in wine using high resolution plate imaging
11:00   CLENCH CLENCH, UK, Fast Automated Food Safety Screening - FAFOSS
11:15   Poster session 5 (60 min)
Session 7: Analysis of traditional medicines (Chair: De-Eknamkul)
GENTA-JOUVE GENTA-JOUVE, France, A toolbox for HPTLC data processing
12:30   FROMMENWILER FROMMENWILER, Switzerland, High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) Method for the Identification of Seven Different Resin Species
12:45   BHARDWAJ BHARDWAJ, India, Characterization of medicinal mushrooms by hyphenated HPTLC
13:00   Lunch (60 min)
Session 7 continued: Analysis of traditional medicines (Chair: Spangenberg)
14:00   SHAKILA, India, Not presented
REICH REICH, Switzerland, Standardized and internationally harmonized HPTLC methods for describing the quality of reference material for Angelica, Ligusticum and related species
Session 8: Pharmaceutical analysis (Chair: Dzido)
14:30   PARMAR PARMAR, India, Experimental design approach for robustness testing of HPTLC methods
DOMINGO DOMINGO, Spain, Monitorization, separation and quantification of antifungals used for invasive aspergillosis treatment by HPTLC
15:00   CHARDE, India, Not presented
Session 9: Environmental analysis (Chair: Di Marcello)
15:15   SPANGENBERG SPANGENBERG, Germany, Using chemiluminescence in TLC for the quantification of polyaromatic hydrocarbons
Coffee break
16:00   TYRPIEN-GOLDER TYRPIEN-GOLDER, Poland, What does TLC mean?
Session 10: Toxicological analysis (Chair: Bernard-Savary)
LADROUE LADROUE, France, Interest of (HP)TLC for forensic laboratories
16:30   JAISWAL JAISWAL, India, Extraction/isolation and detection of monocrotophos from blood using HPTLC
16:45   KUMAR, India, Not presented
17:00   POOLE, USA, Closing remarks, Announcements for the social events

Saturday 05th Social Programs

09:30 Visit of Chartreuse
(Grande Chartreuse Monastery, Chartreuse Cellars) (9:30–16:30 from Lyon by bus)
09:30 Visit of vineyard Tasting of wines at lunch in Domaine La Madone (several prizes including trophy award IWC in London) (9:30-16:30 from Lyon by bus)
14:30 Visit of Lyon historic center From Fourvière to the Old Lyon (14:30–16:30)